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Old Mill Garage offers interim and annual car servicing on any make or model of vehicle. We’ll make sure your vehicle leaves us in tip-top shape by working our way through a comprehensive car servicing checklist.

Regular servicing makes your vehicle run smoothly, improves fuel efficiency and ensures the next time you book in for Class IV MOTs, you’ll stand a better chance of passing inspections with flying colours.

Most newer cars and van's now use a digital servicing record which requires dealers and independent garages to submit a service record online.

This week we serviced cars as per their condition based service, once this was completed we entered the service records online to AOS portal and then added the record to the vehicles idrive.
Making sure your vehicle is serviced correctly is paramount to keeping your warranty and here at OMG we can make sure this happens

So if you still have a car in warranty you don't need to go to the dealership you can come to us!

Replacement Exhausts

Bring your vehicle to Old Mill Garage for the prompt replacement of worn or damaged parts. Exhausts are vital components on any vehicle and while they have no moving parts, they are also one of the most hardworking. They collect gas produced from the cylinder head and transfer it through the converter to remove harmful toxins. Converted gas then travels through the silencer and out of the tail pipe.

We sell and fit new exhausts, and stock a wide range of full and partial OEM-compliant systems. If you have concerns that your exhaust isn’t working properly, our team will be able to find the source of the problem quickly and provide advice on how to rectify it.

Brakes & Clutches

Your brakes keep you safe on the road. Once they wear and driving characteristics change, it is important that you seek help. Slower braking speeds or a strange sound when you apply the brakes are common signs that you need them repaired or replaced. We only use quality replacement parts, so beware of garages around the Newton Abbot areas that may prioritise their own profitability over your personal safety by fitting inferior, low quality brakes.

We also repair and replace worn, faulty and damaged clutches. If you find that changing gear is more difficult than usual, there’s a rattle when you change gears, revving your engine isn’t increasing your speed or your clutch plate is slipping and causing a drop in acceleration, it is most likely damaged. Bring your vehicle into us and we’ll repair or replace the clutch.

Steering & Suspension

At OMG, we realise that functional steering and suspension systems have a pivotal role to play in road safety. Worn or damaged components affect the efficiency and performance of the entire vehicle. If left unattended, they contribute to poor vehicle control and compromise your welfare, and the welfare of other road users.

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