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Fuel Enhancement Technology

Who is the CGON ezero 1 right for?

The zero 1 can benefit many motorists, but if you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then it might just be the answer you're looking for.

Join the thousands of people around the country who are saving money on fuel by installing the ezero 1.

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Has your car failed its MOT on emissions?
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Is fuel costing you a fortune?
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Do you travel 6000+ miles a year?
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Are you tired of your DPF clogging?
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Are you concerned about the air we breathe?
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As a result of creating a more efficient combustion cycle, the fuel is burnt more completely resulting in an increase in engine efficiency and greater MPG. The much cleaner emissions also put less stress on a vehicles diesel particulate filter resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime.

CGON's breakthrough came by selecting the correct materials for the cathode and the anode that would generate just enough hydrogen at an extremely low current with no hazardous by-products. We made this breakthrough in 2009 and patented our discovery.

Now CGONs fuel enhancement systems generate just the right amount of hydrogen using just 1-3 amps of current, perfect for automotive applications, in sufficient quantities and with no harmful by-products.
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General Misconceptions

As this technology has been around for quite some time, many companies have previously tried to get them to work in the automotive sector without any success. It is important to note the main differences between the ezero1 and other (similar) HHO systems on the market. There are some common misconceptions based around existing technology but what we have developed, using that same technology, has been achieved by using new chemistry.
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Where the box fits in an engine

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